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188金宝搏手机版下载LimeSurvey is a simple, fast, anonymous online survey tool, to provide you with a rich user insights.We invite students, professionals and enterprises: design investigation and get the best view, free and as simple as the lime juice.Free online investigation immediately!

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There will be no better way to touch your audience
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There will be no better way to touch your audience

Whether to create a simple questionnaire or voting, in search of Google Forms or Doodle alternatives, or use with complex validation rules, conditions, complex logic and quota management survey, we can provide all the required tools for you.At this point, you can make the fullest use of these knowledge, quick survey to achieve goals.

Meet your needs all the survey of the best software solution

188金宝搏手机版下载LimeSurvey education edition

The help for our free builders, creat188金宝搏手机版下载or and producer development survey, opinion polls and other open source tools, LimeSurvey has become a research institute, university and other institutions of education the best online survey tool.Fresh open source software, to provide easy to use templates and on call customer service team.

  • There is no limit on the number of users
  • Participants in the management
  • User management and permissions system
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188金宝搏手机版下载LimeSurvey education edition

Always stay with the close contact of the market.

188金宝搏手机版下载LimeSurvey is the perfect online survey of professional market research solutions.Questionnaire, polls, vote on site and all other types of surveys, gives you unlimited possibilities.

  • Quota management
  • External expert group integration
  • Expression script
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Always stay with the close contact of the market.

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Us188金宝搏手机版下载ing LimeSurvey easily create professional customer survey: the more you know, the more accurately meet the needs of customers.

Tool is simple and intuitive, everything can use their own style and design directly integrated into your own site.

  • Integrated into your own site
  • Use your own domain name
  • Personalized design
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Welcome to the customer's thought.

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L188金宝搏手机版下载et LimeSurvey help you easy access to carry out the research of information you need.

  • A large community
  • Quickly create your first survey
  • Simple data export
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